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A New Paradigm for Solving Business Problems

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The way business problems are solved today is expensive, slow and prone to failure. There needs to be a shift in focus to the business of creating value, not developing technology. Enterprises that are shifting their mindset are now in a cycle of innovation and execution that is helping them build and sustain a competitive advantage.

This technical white paper examines both:

The current situation: Monolithic, multiyear integration initiatives that add burden to technologists and frustration for business users − and end up obsolete before they even generate value


The future state: Whereby organizations can rapidly and flexibly design, deploy and run distributed solutions that solve business challenges at their source, and at half the time, cost and risk of traditional centralized alternatives.

This white paper also details how Pneuron’s business orchestration software is able to offer a non-invasive approach to integration which minimizes disruption to ongoing operations and speeds solution deployment.

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