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To compete successfully in the Smart Retailing realm, physical retailers must deliver not only competitive pricing / value, but an in-store experience that promotes 360-degree satisfaction upon every visit. This means reduced stock-out rates, informational and transactional excellence and, to the degree possible, a personalized end-to-end experience to make each visit to the store a memorable event. 

To deliver this type of in-store performance, new technologies are being investigated to help yield ever more accurate and effective models, predictors, and execution delivery that continuously improve each aspect of the customer experience. For example, the emergence of accurate, low cost sensors and digital output devices hold great promise in contributing to the recognition of and personalization of the experience for individual customers.

This e-Book focuses on the operational elements of a first generation Smart Retailing system, where in-store sensors, analytics, and response systems serve as key building blocks of a retailer’s longer term digital strategy. As such, important criteria such as the use of open standards, high degrees of flexibility, agility, and reliability, and the insistence that the customer experience be placed at the center of all thinking will get considerable discussion.

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