“Regulatory Agility” - Preparing for the New Future of Regulatory Oversight

December 14 at 12 pm ET

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New regulatory oversight planned in 2016 has changed the game from IF your firm gets audited to WHEN. Programmatic audits means entire firms won’t be audited rather overseers will pick an area of interest, and then audit across multiple firms based on that particular focus.

The result will be a much wider swath of companies will be audited with focused, targeted oversight that creates either a pass or fail. The result of a fail is a full audit. We should expect multiple such “keyhole” audits as the IRS and regulators seek to optimize lower investment and funds.

So how do you prepare? The time to get ready is now!

Join A&M University Law Professor William Byrnes and Simon Moss, Pneuron CEO, two leading experts in Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering, for a 60-minute session that will address the challenges and provide the regulatory agility of people, process and technology to ensure you are ready to handle what’s coming your way. The webinar will also feature:

  • Regulatory Market Update: Learn what’s new including the New FinCen, W-8 E changes and the latest on the IRS re-organization of 2016 and beyond. It will also give some perspective on the new regulatory environment following a new US administration. For example will FATCA stay? Will Dodd Frank?
  • Health Check how-to for your organization and tips to ensure preparedness for the new regulatory oversight. This regulatory agility will be critical in 2017 and has a significant impact on the expense, transparency and margin of the organization.
  • Mini case studies that showcase success and failure in how to quickly and easily identify risks, the new set of best practices and how to create meaningful KPIs 

Compliance, AML, Tax and Risk Management will all find a valuable perspective on the challenges the financial system will face and the organizational and technical design that will effectively weather these challenges. We look forward to seeing you.

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