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Many large and mid-tier businesses have accumulated many systems, applications and technologies that have evolved over time, are often isolated from each other, and rarely are leveraged beyond a narrow focused requirement or location.

The enterprise is therefore increasingly faced with billions of dollars of inefficiency with scalability, resiliency, and a burdensome maintenance budget and TCO for new projects that stifle innovation, transparency and competitiveness – among many other issues.

This paper entitled, Application Encapsulation & Revitalization, examines practical steps to overcome these challenges and ways to realized immediate business benefits including:

  • Avoidance of re-factoring or replacement costs and time
  • New business project TCO at a fraction of the cost of traditional vendor or development projects
  • Dramatic improvement in time, cost and risk metrics against traditional business cases in deployment, and 70% in reuse of existing IP
  • Ability to leverage and revitalize existing institutional knowledge of IP without large redesign, rewrite or replacement costs
  • Enable the delivery of enterprise-wide services for global access, uniformity, and interaction with other business systems
  • Flexibility to create new high performance hybrid or compound products from existing applications, components or functions traditionally isolated or residing in diverse or difficult to leverage locations

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